race rules


Yes someone else can register you. Our system allows for it.

We rate our events on a difficulty scale of 1-10. All of our races will be above a 5 rating.

We limit the number of participants due to the number of RFID chips that are available. Also some venues operate better with less participants making a more enjoyable event for you.

Short answer no. Unless otherwise directed by the race promoter.

Sometimes there will be photographers onsite. When time permits we also take as many photos as possible. If there are photos available we will post them on our site or provide links to photographer’s site.

There are no preset lengths for stages. Our goal is to make our events as fun and as challenging as possible.

Typically we like to see the participants be at least 13 years of age. There are some circumstances where there are exceptions to this rule.

No previous experience is required. However, we do advise that you ride within your means and if you have questions you can ask any of the staff or ask fellow riders. Someone is always willing to assist.

If you need more information,
please contact us